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Have We Got A Steel For You !

About Us

Founders John & Lana Chapman

Hamilton Pipe Company was founded by John and Lana Chapman in 1998, and have been proudly serving patrons for nearly 25 years! We strive to be helpful, fair, and RELIABLE to our customers. 

To say our quality used pipe is rugged is an understatement! Backed by the strength of the oil industry, our used oil field pipe in Hamilton, TX, has a lot left to give. Ranchers know their livestock can be hard on barriers and need fencing that can’t be easily trampled over. Our affordable used oil pipe are cleaned out and ready to be repurposed into sturdy fence posts and rails. We encourage you to contact us if you have something specific you are looking for, because we probably have it! Let us know if you’d like to browse our inventory in person, otherwise you can place your order for structural pipe, panels, and/or gates over the phone.

We are PROUDLY located in Central Texas, and serve customers all around the Southern United States.

Location: 1088 Division Memorial Hwy 36 West

Hamilton, Tx 76531

Office phone: 254~386~5710

Barney (Yard Foreman): 254~462~2655

Jacob: 254~231~7114