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Quality Animal Fencing Pipes in Hamilton, TX

Keep your cattle, horses, and goats safe with our animal fencing pipes in Hamilton, TX. We understand that your livestock is valuable. Whether you’re raising animals for market or as pets, you want to protect them and keep them healthy. Our company is equipped to provide you with the most effective solutions available.

Here at Hamilton Pipe Company, we pride ourselves on providing both heavy and light panels in 5x10 and 6x10 sizes, along with slide and alley gates and frames.We will build special Gates for you as well.  We’re dedicated to meeting the unique needs of your livestock, by supplying you with the best panels for livestock, combined with our clean, used oil pipe. You can rest assured that a sturdy and solid fence protects your animals.

Simple and Durable

Our panels are easy to assemble, as they simply snap into place. Additionally, we carry large, easy-to-use gates that allow you to safeguard your property and cattle yards effectively. If you don’t need the heavy-duty bull fence panels, we also have lighter horse panels. Regardless of the livestock you’re protecting, we have the materials you require.

If you have any questions or you’re not sure which type of panel you need, please don’t hesitate to contact Hamilton Pipe Company. Our animal fencing pipes are manufactured from the highest quality materials and designed to be as durable as possible. Ensure the safety and health of your livestock with our products.

                                                                5x10 Heavy Panel     


Heavy Panel  $ 100.00

10' Gate $152.00

Economy Panel  $46.00

5' gates $97

10' gates lw $160                                                         economy panel $55.00                                                      5" gate lw $120.00

10' gate $162

5x10 h panels $74

5' gate $107

5x10' h gate $180.00                                                        5x10 h panel $95.00                                      5' H Walk Thru  gate $130

6' h panel $86

10' h gate $182.00

5' gate h $117.00

6x10 h panel $105.00                                                            6x 10' h gate $200.00                              6'  h Walk thru gate $140.00

slide gate

Alley gate

Alley frame

Slide gate $350.00                                                         Alley gate $135.00                                                  Alley frame $115